D 800E Wedding Photographers please comment

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Re: D 800E Wedding Photographers please comment

mbecke wrote:

Based upon what I have read thus far, the D800/E is a camera that should be used on a tripod for portraiture and landscape photos. Apparently, the ultra-high megapixel count amplifies any defect in technique and can result in many out of focus photographs -- particularly when the camera is handheld. This issue cannot be overstated. This camera has a specific use; it is probably not a good choice for handheld general photography. I know others have stated differently that they can consistently obtain sharp photos handheld, but, frankly, I do not believe them. Too many experts (i.e., Mr. Bjorn Rorslett, et al.) have discussed the generally poor, out of focus results, when trying to handhold this camera during general photography sessions.

It does not appear that the moire issue is all that much to worry about. It seems to appear infrequently.

I think that Nikon is finally resolving the AF left side focus issue which heretofore was fairly pervasive in the D800/E cameras. I would make certain, however, that I purchase a D800/E camera manufactured after October 15 or so.

Finally, yes, large files can be an issue when taking numerous photographs. They can be a bit unwieldy.

Good luck with your decision!

I purchased the D800e for weddings (and landscape).  When shooting handheld, even with the big 70-200mm f/2.8, my shots are tack sharp.  The best I've ever seen.  Better than when I shot with the D2x.  It all comes down to proper handholding techniques. (IMHO)

I have no concerns over moire with the D800e, the D800's AA filter is very weak anyway.  As pointed out, there is not one difference between the two models in video mode due to the downsampling.

Mine has no left focus issues, but I typically only shoot with the center focus point during weddings anyway.

I had considered an D600 for backup/second photographer for my business, but I'm getting another D800e.  It is simply a great camera that produces great images.

BTW, on a fast computer (MacBook Pro) and I've switched to Lightroom 4.2, my workflow is faster than ever with the NEF files from the D800e.  Much faster than when I batched processed everything through Nikon Capture (12mb back then).  Also, if size is important or a concern, go to crop mode.  I have never sold anything larger than a 8x10 (perhaps 11x14) print for weddings other than formals, so cropping might be a good strategy.  Also, using the 18-200mm DX lens for everything except formals and ceremony will force the crop and is not a bad walk around lens.



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