DP2 Merrill Prospective Buyer - Questions

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Re: DP2 Merrill Prospective Buyer - Questions


1) What's the current thought regarding banding / noise? I'm particularly concerned with respect to its appearance photos with significant sections of blue sky. Some of the pictures I've seen look fine, others almost seem to be suffering from posterization, and others still seem to have the vertical banding. Is this only an issue at higher ISOs or poorly exposed photos? Does the most recent version of the RAW software address these issues?

Use ISO 100 for the cleanest skies, also you will want to play a little with the luminance noise settings in SPP.  a setting just one above the lowest is best for clean skies and detail.

2) Print size. What's the view on best print sizes from this camera? I know there's a lot of subjectivity with respect to this topic, but how do 20x24s look? 11x14? I'm mostly interested in preserving the sharpness on prints that is so evident on screen.

I have printed SD-1 shots from the 70mm lens, at 30x48" that look fantastic and quite sharp.   The DP-2M should be equally capable for good quality images.

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