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Re: X-E1 question and a little more

Raymond Wardenaer wrote:

lnbolch wrote:

Raymond Wardenaer wrote:

And how do I erase all images in the card? Is there an easy way to format?

Nothing easier. Go to the Set-up Menu, and find "Format". Select it and it will ask you if you really want to do this. Assuming you have your images transferred and backed up, click OK, and the camera returns the card to exactly the format status it wants to see.

When I push the menu button, I have to go through the menu to find the formatting. Too slow system, I think.

I know the page on each of my three main cameras, where the formatting command is placed, so it takes only a second or two. It is a command that is only used after I have downloaded my images and backed them up. It is never used on a shoot where time is critical—downloading is necessarily done at leisure.

X100—first page of setup menu.

X-Pro1—last page of setup menu, accessed directly by using the command dial to scroll up one page.

D700—top of the second page of the setup menu but can be copied to ones personal menu, also available by pressing the Mode button and Delete button simultaneously—which is about as counter-intuitive as it gets. And for good reason—if it were easy, formatting the card accidentally during the stress of a shoot would be an all too frequent occurrence. While it takes little effort to format the card, it does take a deliberate action—which is good. Anyone who has accidentally opened the back of a film camera during a shoot can assure you of that.

None are particularly slow—but it really does not matter. Formatting never takes place at times of high stress and access is very easy—if deliberate. Menus are simply part of digital photography, and all controls have improved immensely over the past dozen years. My first camera—the classic Nikon 990—was all menus. The Q screen with the XP1 along with the buttons for direct control is brilliant.

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