SIGN PETITION Nikon d600 dust on sensor

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Re: That poll is useless

AllOtherNamesTaken wrote:

Rebel04 wrote:

Nikonfan99 wrote:

1100+ shots. Had 3 spots. Used blower and sensor loupe and issue gone. Never had spot show up in normal use. Only found when I went looking for it. ymmv

you're lucky

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Do you have the issue of excess oil/dust on your Nikon D600 sensor that has been discussed in the DPreview forums lately?

That poll is entirely useless. [...]

ok but a lot of people have this problem with their D600, if you read this forum or if you see for ex. flickr you can see most of the buyers have had this dust and oil spotting issue

this is a real problem, we want only know what is the position of Nikon about

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