SIGN PETITION Nikon d600 dust on sensor

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Re: I've been telling people this for ages

Rebel04 wrote:

Nikonfan99 wrote:

LOL really you again with your sky and wall photos!!! You may be the owner of : STOCKWALLSANDSKYPHOTOS.COM

come on guy. stop it

photo's aren't mine

a lot of people found this problem, but in your opinion the issue doesn't exixt ...maybe you're a nikonfanboy, Nikonfan99

Sorry you responded while I was correcting my post. Well actually I am a fan of nikon and the d600. These cameras have made me a fair amount of money and yes dust is an issue even in my d7000 but not under my use And one that can be dealt with should a person want to fix it. All sorts of tools and software to do it. But I have a feeling more people want to complain and turn this into a morals issue. They have a right to. I also have a right to say "come on" use the camera for what it is meant for and enjoy it. Notice how we see a lot of sky and wall and not any real world images that dont include primarily sky and white walls? And lets just say you do a lot of landscape, are you telling me you use sell or use 200 of the same shot at a few seconds apart? I would say you pick the money shot and edit it so part of that would be clone tool and dust ref image tools. A solution is available.

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