What's with the sudden weather-sealing craze ?

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Re: A WR body needs WR lenses

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

DVSteve wrote:

Exactly. I don't understand why this concept is so incredibly difficult for people to grasp. Weather sealing is for dirt, dust, mud, rain, snow and so on. A lot of us are exposed to any of these quite often, so it is absolutely needed.

The problpm word her is abolutely. Yes it's better to have then not to have but in truth non weather sealed cameras can cope quite well with most of the conditions nature throws at us.

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And that may be true, for a limited amount of time, or for however long one has luck.  There is no way I will venture to many of the places I typically go without weather sealing.  Yes, most people don't need it.  That isn't the issue.  The issue is that those who don't need it fail to grasp the concept that weather sealing is a requirement for those of us who do need it.

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