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Re: Frank Doorhof on the Sony A99

jonikon wrote:

Ralf Bliesener wrote:

Frank Doorhof's blog on the a99 (includes some pics NSFW)


Overall conclusion

  • Price is a bit high but it’s a pro camera, however when you’re already in the Canon or Nikon system it would make no sense to switch. However when you are already using Sony it’s without any doubt an AWESOME update.

The $2800 price of the a99 is more than just a bit high when you consider a 36MP Nikon D800 can be had for only $200 more and the 24MP Nikon D600 for $700 less. Not to mention that there are a lot of good used Nikon D700s for $1700, or less available for those interested in moving up to FF on a budget.

Since the R&D for the a99 was all borrowed from the a77 and there is no moving mirror or glass pentaprism to raise the cost, I am sure Sony could sell the a99 for $1800 and still make a very healthy profit.

Also the a99 is not a professional level camera. The a99s auto focus and viewfinder were borrowed from the a77 APS-C camera, and the body is not all metal (like the D800), but plastic at the critical lens mount area, (much like the D600). Nor is there a professional support system for the a99 like Nikon and Canon provide to professionals. Nice FF camera, maybe. Pro body, no.

- Jon

Rgeardless of your decent points the a99 is a superb camera and is definitely pro.  Frank Doorhof is a very well recognized and brilliant photographer who has shot every kind of camera you can imagine.  His recommendation is HUGE.

I bought the camera and its fantastic.  I would go shot for shot against a nikonian any day.  Shooting event such as weddings I can nail my shot from the view finder every time.  While he is stopping and looking at "is she blinking? oh I dont have detail in my shadows, etc"  I am off on the next shot.

The a99 is absolutely pro in performance but I concur with you in body construction.  The weather sealing sucks on crucial places such as SD cards and battery compartment and those components feel like flimsy plastic.  For the money they should have gone all mag.

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