D 800E Wedding Photographers please comment

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Re: D 800E Wedding Photographers please comment

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mbecke wrote:

Absolutely wrong, wrong, wrong. When many of the well known photography experts point out the difficulty of obtaining sharp handheld photos with the D800/E, the myth becomes your comment above. There will be no retraction from me on this issue. In any event, I would recommend that the OP attempt to use a D800/E handheld and see what type of results he/she obtains. It is that simple. This is indeed a portrait/landscape camera that should definitely be used on a tripod for good results.

Just to add to this, it's not the resolution of the camera that is the issue, but the size of reproduction that counts here. The D800 produces results that can be enlarged to a much greater extent.

An analogy: in the film days, a lower speed film would produce superior resolution to an equivalent higher speed film. Would you suggest that the higher resolution film would be more prone to "out of focus" results than the lower resolution film? Of course you wouldn't.

If you said that producing huge prints from that film would highlight any issues more than producing smaller prints, then you would be making sense.

Well said. This myth is so old and boring now.

No, the "myth" is accurate.    Look folks, the OP's question relates to "wedding photography."    The recent posts above ignore how the OP's camera will be utilized.    Wedding photography is often done in low light conditions.    To avoid blurry handheld photos due to camera shake, a camera such as the D800/E absolutely needs to be used at much higher shutter speeds.    Thus, these higher shutter speed requirements in order to obtain sharp photographs handheld do not make this camera a particularly good candidate for low light wedding photos.    The alternative, I suppose, would be to jack up ISO (degrading picture quality) or going with wider apertures (reducing depth of field).    However, neither option is likely to be a good one for wedding photography.     If you cracker jacks above had properly considered how the OP was going to use his/her camera, you could have omitted your irrelevant comments.    You are going to get blurry photos hand holding the D800/E camera under these conditions.

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