Canon G15 vs G12 vs P7700 studio comparison tool

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Re: Canon G15 vs G12 vs P7700 studio comparison tool

Robert Garcia NYC wrote:

My friend I work in the photo industry full time with photographers but mostly as a high end retoucher. I actually have an RX100 and tried a GX1 both good, RX100 better.

Agree. Panas GX1 is not much better than Sony RX100.

I was talking about Canon G1X.

If anything I am a Canon fanboy because of my job and I actually own L glass but I won't go around fooling myself and other less informed people that Canon has a good product out when it doesn't, it's okay and if you can't afford the best go with the 7700 or LX7 at that price point.

LX7? I believe one will need retouch the colors from every second JPEG.

Panas was never good reproducing natural colors/

Also noise performance is about 2/3 to 1 stop worse than G15 or P7700/

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