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Re: Metal prints - Image Wizards

ImageWizards sucks. I received a print with next day delivery when I did not ask for that service and was charged $130 for shipping a $99 print, a week after I received it. I did not approve sending next day, she didn’t notify me that she was sending it next day, nor how much it would cost. There is NO way I would have approved $131 shipping! The customer service is horrendous, she blamed me and said I told her a date that I never said, and conveniently didn't hear that I specifically said that I did not want to incur any rush charges.

The entire operation seems very back-handed and the primary sentence that I have heard from ImageWizards is that they are NOT to blame. Now they are threatening to pull back a reprint from UPS that I have already paid for to pay for the other print, even after I agreed to pay the full amount! She insisted I pay for it immediately or she would return the re-print.  I went online to pay for it and their online pay system won’t work.

Even before this, the 3rd print I got from them arrived completely desaturated and green and was unusable, I had to pay 50% of the original cost to get it reprinted and pay for the shipping again. In all fairness I did not get a proof, so I was happy with the 50% priced reprint, but after initiating the conversation with that, she pointed out that I was “100% to blame”, while I’m trying to pay for it.

They suck.

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