What's with the sudden weather-sealing craze ?

Started Nov 9, 2012 | Discussions thread
DVSteve Contributing Member • Posts: 919
A WR body needs WR lenses

Mike_PEAT wrote:

It would be nice to have more than just one lens weather sealed. The E-1 and lenses were weather sealed from day one.

And it's not just about wet, but also keeping dust out.

Exactly.  I don't understand why this concept is so incredibly difficult for people to grasp.  Weather sealing is for dirt, dust, mud, rain, snow and so on.  A lot of us are exposed to any of these quite often, so it is absolutely needed.

With the OMD, it seriously needs more weather sealed lenses to go with the body.  One lens choice does not cut it, especially when the weather resistance of the body is touted so boldly in advertising.

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