Pro RGB...really?

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I use most of the time Nikon's Capture NX2 as my RAW converter as I find it does a better job than PhotoShop.  In CNX2 I have it set to automatically convert any loaded file to sRGB no matter what the embedded color space is.  I also have PhotoShop set up to automatically do the same, convert to sRGB.  Thus the printer does it's best to output sRGB which we all know that it can't match 100% because of its limited gamut.

By using sRGB all the way through my workflow, I really don't even soft-proof anymore as there isn't much differences between my edit screen and soft-proof screen.  My prints match extremely well to the monitor for colors and brightness.

I really don't spend much time thinking about editing and printing anymore, It's just click, click, click -  1,2,3. I perform 95% of my editing in CNX2, usually addiing some contrast and sharpening, I rarely need to adjust any colors.  I also print mostly from CNX2 and sometimes PS, both prints from either app are identical and should be or something is set up wrong.

Bob P.

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