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cplittleton wrote:

I have just booked a trip to southern California in early December where I will have almost a day and a half for landscape photography (afternoon of the day I fly in plus most of the following day).

Two trips ago, I did a half day in Joshua Tree NP (south of Twentynine Palms); on my last trip I did 3/4 of day in Mojave National Preserve (east of Barstow). I was more impressed (photographically) by Mojave staying through sunset, but got some good images from both trips.

Now that I have touched on these two large areas, what would you sample next? The first thought in my mind is to go north to Sequoia & Kings Canyon NPs. However, this means I go right through Angeles NF on I-5, and there are several other NFs ringing the LA area as well. Plus, I am sure there are many state parks, scenic areas, and other landscapes out there. I have tried the shoreline and found it annoyingly inaccessible in the developed LA area - lots of yacht clubs and private residences; very few uncluttered public spaces.

My goal is to hit maybe the top half dozen sites in southern California for a day or so each, and based on these experiences decide where to spend a week or so of focused photography / vacation time.


Hey CP

I live in LA so I shoot alot in the area. If I were you, with the limited time you have, I would avoid trying to drive out to Kings Canyon. It's just too far. I would suggest sticking to the coast and doing some oceanscape shooting. Others have mentioned Palos Verdes, which I would second. It's fantastic. It's got some of the best shoreline in the area. I've found some really sweet spots I don't mind sharing with you if you like.

Another option is Montana De Oro State park. It's about 3 hours from LA, but it's fantastic. 
Also, there is La Jolla which has some awesome shoreline. That's about 2 hours form LA

Don't bother with Malibu area. There isn't much to work with there.

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