Two new wide angle lenses and the D800 is a new camera

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Re: Two new wide angle lenses and the D800 is a new camera

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

A couple of useful lenses for sure, but falling well short of making the D800e a "new camera." The problem I have with these two for active outdoor photography is that the Samyang won't do 24mm, and the Zeiss 21 won't do 14mm. The 14-24 does both as well as necessary for any purpose on the D800e, andthe convenience of the zoom vs futzing around with lens changes in the field is case closed for me.

I get that, it is a totally valid choice: but for around the same money (here at least) you can have both, and put a lovely 8 stop ND filter on the Zeiss to boot, which you can't do on the 14-14. In the end, for me it's about the micro-contrast. I am a total sucker for it. Oddly, and I didn't mention this in the OP, the colour renditions, especially of the Zeiss, really turn me on. They do that thing that Nex-7 people love with blues and greens.

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