SIGN PETITION Nikon d600 dust on sensor

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Re: I've been telling people this for ages

Nikonfan99 wrote:


- Clean your sensor .....COPPER HILL IMAGES has all you need.

- Sell your camera....WITH 200,000+ units sold...I just checked ebay and not one used one in used condition for sale. So maybe some people are keeping them and dont either have an issue or clean it like I did.

-Send to nikon and hope for the best.

-keep complaining and dont do anything about it to remedy the situation.

This is my official response to anyone that is looking for this issue. I apologize if anyone has already seen this. The point is to stop SHOOTING TO FIND ISSUES but use your camera and enjoy it and stop the over analyzing. Stop trying to create an issue or duplicate one. And no I am not the forum police. Just a long time nikon user and real human. Watch the video may learn something.

a lot of people with this problem sent to Nikon their D600 and they said the camera was performing within tollorance

a lot of people with this problem clean they sensor and after 50 shoots the situation is still the same!

haw can you enjoy this camera with this problem?? with dozen of spots in every photo??? with a 2,000€ camera with this issue???

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