Canon G15 vs G12 vs P7700 studio comparison tool

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Dimitri Khoz Contributing Member • Posts: 943
Re: Canon G15 vs G12 vs P7700 studio comparison tool

Robert Garcia NYC wrote:

Actually, I work in the industry that is why I get some time off I enjoy playing around with you.

Me too,

with the difference that it is my part-time hobby and my main employer is a financial institution.

So I just relax in my free time in the forum talking to you and I get some extra $$$ doing "snaps".

In case you haven't noticed the RX100 get higher praise all across the board over the new canon offerings, just ask somebody.

Why do you believe hear-say? You said you are from the industry.

Believe your eyes.

RX100 get high praise from fanboys, outsiders, and "hype-blowers".

They call it "invention".

I call it a decent P&S.

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