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Swamp Duck wrote:

Let me start by saying this could be my ignorance since I haven't shot seriously for about three years or more, but I have started wondering at what point does the m4/3 format stop being appealing in terms of size and cost vs a DSLR? I was under the assumption that the camera/format was intended for the above P&S, but below all out DSLR users.

I have shot with DSLR's (Canon) for many years, and recently switched over to the m4/3 Olympus in the past two years. I got into the format because the picture quality was still very good, but most importantly it was a small setup that could be carried almost everywhere I went. I could easily stuff the body and lenses into a small daypack and be out and about with the family without any fuss. Also, if I dropped/lost/stolen the equipment I was out less than $400, as opposed to being out closer to twice that amount with DSLR equipment.

Reading the review of the Panasonic GH3 stirred up these questions. The body plus lens is as big a small DSLR! The article compares the size to one of the Sony's, and the pictures of it look to make it almost the same size as a Canon Ti series camera. The price also makes you sit back and consider the merits even more. For that price you can get a full blown DSLR with good lens. So why would you settle for a smaller sensor size?

When responding, if you anyone does, this is simply my thoughts and constructive enlightning is welcome

First and foremost, I prefer mirrorless EVF

Secondly, I care less about pocketability, small size, etc. I want ergonomics, handling, mindful menu system.

Conclusion: based on (1) and (2) I have found GH3 very compelling camera.


I think that stirring the BS about size of GH3 is stupid: you do not like it? you do not buy it. You have your alternatives.

Another stupidity is a talking point about demise of Panasonic. You do not trust Pana? go for Oly. You have your alternatives.

You can go even beyond M43 - who cares?

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I’m surprised how much Wikipedia contributes to the forum.

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