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Re: DP2M Gorge Image

Agreed. My previous post should have had a tongue-in-cheek emoticon (or an audio link to me reading it aloud).
Many Bayer cameras have more micro-resolution, if that is a word, than 35mm film. The problem is that the images often look brittle at worst or "thin" at best even when the colors are saturated. The latest Foveon cameras also have more micro-resolution than 35mm film. In that respect they are not filmlike. The Foveon advantage is that the images are not brittle; viewers often say the textures (color micro-transitions?) make photos look almost 3-D instead.

Nancy and Pete Spader wrote:

Incidentally, IMO the "smoothed water" effect has nothing to do with the "Foveon look," and even the comparison with film is questionable if you remember all the limitations that film had, though it at least signals there is a difference to many people when viewing a Foveon image.
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