APERTURE: can 350 GB of photos create a 100GB library when files are not moved to library?

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Re: APERTURE: can 350 GB of photos create a 100GB library when files are not moved to library?

andrzej bialuski wrote:

I just looked at my Library contents and can indeed confirm that most folders are between 1 and 8 GB, except for the MASTERS folder whichis a whooping 72GB.

Now, the question would be whether any of the newly imported images (imported as referenced) show up in that folder. If yes, then there is a problem of consistency (Aperture showing the files to be referenced via that little arrow but with the files nevertheless having been copied by Aperture into its masters folder).

Now I need to take action to clean up the Library, but am not sure what to do.

Should I completely delete all imports and start importing from scratch or just empty the Masters folder and leave it empty. I am guessing that the secong option will really confused Aperture because it will not be able to find the referenced files.

You should basically never delete anything in the library package yourself. I'd say start by exporting a recent project as a new library that 'officially' has its masters referenced (you will be given a choice whether to add the masters to the exported library, just decline that offer). Then inspect this new library and see whether the masters folder in it is really empty. If yes, repeat with more projects and check again.

If I decide to get rid of the entire library and create a new one, what is the best way to do this in order to first get rid of the massive Library and not keep on adding to it?

If exporting pieces of the existing library fixes the issue, just export your currently library by top-level folder and later import the different exports into one library again. But the key point is that you have know what exactly went wrong (ie, what data is in your current library that should not be in it), otherwise it is hard to test any corrective measure as to whether it fixes the problem.

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