Advice for smaller alternative to my DSLR

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Re: Advice for smaller alternative to my DSLR

john farrar wrote:

Sony Nex 6 ought to be fit for your purpose. it has a 2.3MP EVF, same res. as on the SLT 65 >

That is close to the NEX-7 and worth considering.

I'm a glasses wearer with -10 prescription lenses and can operate a Sony A57 with 1.4mp EVF just fine as the image magnification produces VF image the same size as top level DSLR (same size as my OM2 film camera).

Your obvious choice of 'grab camera' would surely be the Canon G1-X given its sensor size, IQ and feature set.

My definition of a grab camera most likely is different than most others. Grab but with many capabilities. Can't use that one for filters, macro and such.

Of the 'enthusiast' compacts, Sony XZ-1 (newer model just out) gives suprisingly good clean images. Check out the review.

I'm assuming you mean the Olympus XZ-1. I do not see a VF on the XZ-2 which is desired.

From my further reading I'm seeing the Fuji X-Pro1 having the highest quality package in this realm of camera. Similar to my old Leica M6 system but better for I can have an actual image view when necessary like for macro. That is what I did not like with the rangefinders. One has to pay for it though compared to the others mentioned.

Thanks John and Ryder for the input.

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