Hasselblad 40Mp and D800 , a little surprise

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Re: Hasselblad 40Mp and D800 , a little surprise

i didnt agree with iso. only at iso 1600 you begin seing noise and a lost of detail, but still usable. at iso 400 i have never seen a lost of detail.

personally i love the pentax interface and dont loike nikon. the 645d i pleasanty big. the 645 with t 25 produce photo that you can dream with any d800e combo . simply this. tha's why people buy those glasses.

i understand is more a fact of money. why people buy a alpa a back and a rodenstock wide that cost 7 grand....all more than 30 grand? simply they want the best quality.

in photography quality gain are not perfectly matched to price difference. so a little gain in IQ at a certain point can be obtained at the moment with a big increase in cost.

personally i prefer the Mformat. the ccd rendering is much more natural, skin tone are wonderful, neutral, in studio for example the MF burn specular highlight later than the nikon d800e at the same exposure. i prefer more dynamic in highlight than shadow for this.

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