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Swamp Duck wrote:

carlosvp wrote:

So, the largest micro-four-thirds camera in existence is about as big as the small DSLRs -- sounds like the system is working just as it's supposed to :).


I guess where I was going with that statement was the fact that the m4/3's cameras were originally much smaller and over the past couple of years they have been increasing in size to rival DSLR's

The GH3 is the only one that has increased in size.  I suppose the G5 too, in comparison to the G3.  But the G1, G2, GH1, and GH2 were all similar to that of the G5 size, and the G5 simply reverted back more for ergonomics.

The E-M5 can be considered larger simply for it's built in EVF.  But when you compare it to the any Pens with an external EVF and there are no size increases.

So again, your view on M43 getting larger pertains to only one camera, the GH3.  As another poster mentioned, the GH line has always been rather 'special'.  The GH2 has subjectively been considered the best hybrid video/stills camera, rivaling that of cameras up to 2 or three times bigger in price and size.

Also worth mentioning, even if the GH3 is relatively the same size as consumer level DSLRs, a system camera also includes lenses.  Compare lenses like the Oly45 to any fast DSLR portrait lens.  More so, compare Panasonic's two 2.8 zoom lens to any other formats' 2.8 zooms.

IMO, I don't look at the GH line as a direct competitor to most mirrorless cameras.  The GH line is in a class of it's own not unlike the 5D series from canon.  The GH line is built with stills AND video as a priority, rather than having video added in as a just a neat feature or checklist item.

I'm not saying that the GH3 is a bad stills camera, but rather, if you have no interest in video, you could save yourself some cash by buying a camera that doesn't hold video as high of a priority as that of the GH line. If you're looking for compact stills camera with less emphasis on video, the G, GX, Pen, and OMD are better fitting.

Lastly, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  In comparison to all entry level/consumer DSLRs, the GH3 is at least a league ahead when looking at it from the perspective of an amateur videographer.  What entry level DSLR, or any camera really, do you know of that offers the manual video capabilities, OEM and third party video accessories, weather sealing, native lens variety, legacy lens support, commercial video production support, a very reputable hacker community, as well as provide for a very capable stills camera?  With this in mind, the GH3 suddenly has a considerably larger amount of appeal than that of any entry level DSLR.

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