X-S1 giving my DSLR a run for the money

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Hey Midwest

Think the latent point is ..how far do want to chase IQ and ..okay why ??? What is the purpose of your photography?? ..What are you trying to achieve?? What do you expect?

For myself I have concluded (after some thought) that though I am dead lazy (I hate changing lenses ) I do value IQ. I tried hard to push beyond this picky tendency ..but ..its what I want in my pictures. So if that is the case n in anyone's view of their photography then spending coin on the best DSLR/lens combo is the route to take. To do less is a waste of money and a ticket to frustration. (No tools do not make a carpenter ..but great tools make carpentry of any level at least easier)

On the flip side of these objectives when out and about with friends or fam and IQ is not a big deal some lesser IQ cam that is portable is needed. ( horses for courses and all that ) In my case I am going to hang on to my F770. It is enough for general stuff..To put any greater strain on it IQ wise ..as I was doing ...is folly ...

It would seem to me anywho,  that the X-S1 is a perfect middle ground solution re cost and flexibility for those who cannot or do not want to lay out huge money for a cam yet desire good if not full on DSLR + good lens level IQ. It is a  flexible, fast, fairly cost effective platform that can crank out near DSLR (and yes equal at times) images. (Woo and you get macro to boot!!!)

For those who wish more and can afford more the wise route is to spend money on building a great lens line and acquiring a good body. Never thought I'd come back to this but there it is! ..Ya live and learn.

What is  folly $$ wise,  is what I have done ..Go out and buy endless latest greatest bridge and other cams almost yearly ..all the while wanting more than they can ever deliver! Stupid is as stupid does.

The $$ I spent on that futile quest ..could have bought some  serious glass!! And here's the bonus saving. If the glass you get is top drawer ..it almost never needs to be upgraded=$$ saving over endless bridges etc in the end.

all the best



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