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Re: Pro RGB...really?

rpenmanparker wrote:

In order to jump start my home printing effort I recently engaged a tutor at the Houston Center for Photography for a few one-on-one sessions re: image output and color management. He was really excellent, and truly got me up and running. Two changes to my practice that he recommended were shooting and post processing in RAW and working in an expanded color space like Pro RGB. I get the RAW and quickly have become a convert. I am less convinced about the Pro RGB however. The more I read about it, the more I see cemments about neither my standard LCD monotor or pro-am printer (Canon PP 9000 Mk II) being able to reproduce the extra gamut. So what is the point? To avoid incompatibilities I am switching color space back and forth depending upon What type of image file I am opening, and that is a pain. Most files that come my way except ones that I am creating are sRGB. If there isn't going to be a difference in display appearance or output, why am I fooling around with this? Amd how does color space relate to printer profiles. Does the profile "know" about colorspace? Does it convert output to a smaller space anyway? Does the profile have to be produced from a test image created in the same color space as the images which will be printed? Whew! I am really getting woind up here. Any advice and discussion regarding all this will be appreciated. BTW, I guess I have the same questions about Adobe RGB. Anything different there? Thanks.


I live on the Island and would like to have a tutor run me through the art of printers and printing.  Some of the advise given here on dpreview is great, but sometimes its a little too technical for me.  I perfer to have a one on one session.  Can you please tell who can I speak with at HCP in order to make an appointment for a session?

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