Canon G15 vs G12 vs P7700 studio comparison tool

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Re: Canon G15 vs G12 vs P7700 studio comparison tool

ZoranC wrote:

Should we compare RAWs? IMHO we should compare both JPG _and_ RAW. RAW to get apples to apples for geeks, and JPG to JPG to get "out of camera" vs. "out of camera" 99% of buyers will usually stay with.

Many of Canon G-series and Nikon P-series buyers use RAW on a regular basis,

JPEG-only users usually do not bother buying advanced compact.

If you shoot JPEG 99% of the time does not mean that others do not use RAW to get best possible results from the cameras.

Given all this, however, I think you might be a bit extreme.

I am sorry but I don't find my expectation from lens on G15 "extreme" even a little bit. I find it reasonable.

Just set G15 shaprness to +2, NR to Low, Contrast to +2 and repeat the tests.

It's great that Nikon, and also Olympus, have taken the pain to put into these cameras very sharp lenses. However, the sharpest lens may not be the only decisive factor *for me*.

I agree that sharpness isn't everything...  Take a look at samples showing lower right corner.

And now take some pictures in the artificial light and see how bad is Nikon's AWB comparing to Canon's.

You said you do not shoot RAW, so try to correct AWB error properly with your Nikon.

The sharpest lens may not be the only decisive factor.

Regarding VR, there are no conclusive tests so far

to make a claim that IS in Canon G15 is worse than VR in Nikon P7700

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