Karl Rove says Obama won by "suppressing the vote"

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Re: By observation.

lylejk wrote:

halfamo wrote:

lylejk wrote:

Obama didn't win a single state that required photo-ID. Now you know how BO won (i.e., for the clueless, he won by getting those who are illegal to vote to vote). 'Nough said.

It's all about loss with you lylejk.

You lost your wife. You lost your job. Your lost your house. You lost the election. And now you've lost your mind.

Still, at least, you've still got a bible to thump.

Nope, but the you are an @$$. My observation is sound and look it up for yourself. Fortunately, if we do get a next vote, photo-ID laws have been passed and will be enforced the next election. Bad day to you.

Lyle, your observation that he didn't win a single state with photo-ID requirements may be correct, I don't think anyone is necessarily challenging you on that point.  The states with photo-ID requirements are Republican leaning states, no big surprise there.

To extend that idea to conclude that he won by a massive tally of illegally cast votes is a sign that you may need psychiatric help.

Here's another statistic that's about as meaningful as your photo-ID correlation:  Obama lost in all states that begin with "A", and won in all states that begin with "C".

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