Switching from PC to Mac.. anything you wish you knew?

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Re: Switching from PC to Mac.. anything you wish you knew?

Bill Wallace wrote:

You won't need tech support as much. Get Apple Care when you buy, shop around you can get it a bit cheaper than Apple.

You can actually save quite a bit of money... The L.A. Computer Company meets or beats Apple's education discount price.

Applecare: http://lacomputercompany.com/cgi-bin/rpcart/featured.cgi?group=appcare

For example, Applecare for the 15" Retina MBP is $230 vs. $350: http://www.lacomputercompany.com/cgi-bin/rpcart/index.cgi?command=dispitem&type=sku&sku=10126

Stay away from eBay Applecare deals unless you like being ripped-off... You can buy extended Applecare any time during the first year after you purchase a Mac.

Also you'll save a ton of money on anti virus and os upgrades. Mountain something is something like $19.99 or 29.99.

Mountain Lion is $19.99.

As far as the new 13" Retina MacBook Pro goes... I agree with Ars Technica that it simply isn't worth the $500 difference in price compared to the standard 13" MBP. And since the 13"MBP is regularly available from Fry's for $999, the 13" Retina MBP makes even less sense...


I have an early 2011 13" MBP and the new 2.3GHz i7 Mac Mini. (The $599 i5 Mac Mini is no slouch either....) I use a 24" NEC display with both Macs. Both Macs are very capable computers that handle CS6 and Aperture well. The only thing that I would add to either Mac is 16GB RAM and the excellent Power Support anti-glare film ($35) for the 13" MBP. The stock 4GB RAM isn't going to cut it for anything but basic computer use.  Since 16GB is relatively inexpensive it's a No Brainer. And increasing the RAM to 16GB ups the integrated GPU VRAM to 768MB.

I second the recommendation for David Pogue's excellent "Missing Manual" books. Check the table of contents at Amazon for both Mountain Lion editions to help you decide which book will be best for you.

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