What's with the sudden weather-sealing craze ?

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Re: What's with the sudden weather-sealing craze ?

I like it and it seems to fit right in with m43rds.   When I go hiking or out by the ocean, it is nice to be able to take a light camera and lens with high IQ along and not have to worry about problems.

It might not matter so much with a mammoth-sized FF that would remain back in the studio.

amvrvd wrote:

I know it's awesome to be able to shoot in the midst of Sandy without fear of ruining your camera but, do we really need every lens to be weather-sealed !?

I've recently noticed that people clamor, ever so frequently, for weather sealing, in forums, blogs and rumor sites. I fear this craze will lead to Olympus and Panasonic actually listening and WSing every future lens, and thus rising up the prices, which in turn will corner M4/3 into a unfavorable position against larger sensored mirrorless. I mean, sure, WS is nice and gives you and edge over other systems but do we really want/need m4/3 to be even more expensive than the competition ?You may think I may be blowing this out of proportion but if the demand is there, the manufacturers will eventually deliver.

Besides the cost factor, does every consumer need the extra peace of mind that a WS lens gives you ?

This is my guess but I think M4/3 is not even close to its peak market penetration and now we have more competition than ever, and the race is getting fiercer with other systems catching up in features and lens roadmaps. In this scenario WS makes sense as a differentiating feature but M4/3 will always be under fire because of the sensor performance/DOF (even though the EM5 and recent pany models have proven otherwise) and higher prices is only means giving competition more arguments against MFT for their marketing department.

IMO they should keep today's strategy and only reserve this feature to high-end bodies and lenses, products which are already expected to be expensive where WS wouldn't add much to the existing cost. People want every new lens to be WS as if it was mandatory, they even want re-releases of older lenses (i.e.20mm) to add the feature.

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