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Re: HX20 Having fun with macros

Dee Smith wrote:


How in the world do you take Macros with this camera (HX20v)? I am using the defocus background mode. When I do that, doesn't seem to matter whether it is insects or flowers, half the pic is out of focus. A flower will have all the outside petals out of focus. An insect will either have the head or tail out of focus.


Hope I can help Dee Smith
First thing you don't need to use defocus background.

What you want to do is get the camera to work for you,get as close as you can, the camera can focus up to 1cm away, but I find the best thing to do is zoom out to around 4x zoom the camera stays in macro mode up to this point making it easier to frame your insect. It takes a little practice to get the right distance from your subject but it works
You have to options to focus, well more but these are the two I like to use. 1: still in iauto+ select tracking focus, thats using the little button on the dial on the back. push once and a little square is shown move the camera so the square is on the subject then push again now if you move the square will stay on the subject. this is really good when you are moving a little or it is moving a little you always have the little thing in focus.
2:, the other is in P mode or Manual mode select spot focus. I prefer P mode and lock it at ISO 100 this will stop the noise. and let the camera do the rest.
Sometimes I use the Flash just depends. if I remember to turn it on. (I always have it turn off)
Spiders tricky things, I find you need something behind them to have a better chance of getting them in focus, a wall, leave, etc If it wont get in focus just move away focus on something else then go back.
Remember my macros are cropped and some are really hard cropped, so don't be afraid to do this. I've printed some out up to A4 and they still looked fantastic!
Now if you do this the de-focus will take care of itself it would be good to see some of your photos to know where to help you, Pop some up on flickr so I can have a look
Also I don't know if you have software or not but with my macros I tend to give them a little boost! Picasa3 wish is free from Google is a good place to start
Hope this helps and look forward in seeing some great photos from you

kind regards


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