Canon G15 vs G12 vs P7700 studio comparison tool

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Re: Canon G15 vs G12 vs P7700 studio comparison tool

Minh Ta wrote:

ZoranC wrote:

1. I see these shots were taken at 2.8 while mine were taken at F2. That starts to mix up things, closing down aperture increases DOF and thus hides optical misalignment and curvature of the field that will rear their head once you want to shoot wide open. And you do want to shoot wide open that fast lens they are selling you on when you need it, don't you?

2. I don't care did somebody end up with shot that doesn't show smearing for them, what I care about is that two copies I had in my hands in the row did have smearing. If two random picks of the shelf result in both copies showing smearing I can't praise that camera as "sharp", sorry.

I see your points, it's F2. I've also got an impression that Nikon P7700 is sharper than G15 based on the sample shots from dcresource, but to be fair, I think we should compare RAW to RAW.

Should we compare RAWs? IMHO we should compare both JPG _and_ RAW. RAW to get apples to apples for geeks, and JPG to JPG to get "out of camera" vs. "out of camera" 99% of buyers will usually stay with.

Given all this, however, I think you might be a bit extreme. I'm under no illusion that the small cameras (& cheapo) could possess an L lens.

I am sorry but I don't find my expectation from lens on G15 "extreme" even a little bit. I find it reasonable. P7700 doesn't have "L class" lens either yet it did not show kind of smearing my two copies of G15 did. To make it even worse for G15, F2 on G15 is not even wide open, it is slightly stopped down, while F2 on P7700 was shot wide open.

It's great that Nikon, and also Olympus, have taken the pain to put into these cameras very sharp lenses. However, the sharpest lens may not be the only decisive factor *for me*.

I agree that sharpness isn't everything. However, you need to notice smearing in G15 samples I had is _not_ due to lesser sharpness. Take a look at samples showing lower right corner. It's not about that G15 is less sharp of the two, it is about that information is almost completely missing.

As I see it, it might be a trade-off between the shooting speed and sharpness, and for the Canon G15, you may get some balance. If you want the sharpest picture: Fine, stop down the aperture (it's not uncommon to do so with DSLR).

And what do you do when you can't stop down? And what good speed of G15 was for me when VR on P7700 was letting me bring more keepers home than faster lens and IS on G15 did?

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