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Re: Composition question

PhotoHawk wrote:

This photo is interesting to me for the following:

The photo is mostly monochromatic - interesting in itself for the complexity of the scene. However the green trees in a diagonal crossing a rule of thirds line is also curious composition wise.

The photo is not aligned so it different than the majority horizontal aligned photos.

Yet the rule of thirds works (for me at least) My eye travels up the trees and down the the staircase to the statues. So the leading lines are attractive. Given the sight lines the tilt of the photo imparts a visual edginess.

I like the curvature of the window's shadow against the regular nature of the photograph. Interesting juxtaposition.

The content is curious and slightly ironic. Statues and frozen people - nice touch.

It hints at an Escher drawing but is a photo of a live scene as opposed to a drawing. But its a nice allegory.

I wouldn't align it nor straighten nor crop it in any way. It works for me as is. It would very nice on a wall as an 8x10. Try it and see what it looks like.

Hi PhotoHawk,

Thank you for your precise interpretation. You're introducing me to several useful terms, concepts and their application/observations. I might just do as you suggest, thank you.

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