D 800E Wedding Photographers please comment

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I shoot interiors and weddings using the D 700, I am now thinking of upgrading to the D 800 E, Wedding photographers do you encounter a lot of moire in a typical wedding situation? I am also reading some user reviews of the D 800 who report a left focusing problems.

Has this issue been sorted out in the D 800E? and is this a good choice for me over the D 800?

Please comment.



Based upon what I have read thus far, the D800/E is a camera that should be used on a tripod for portraiture and landscape photos. Apparently, the ultra-high megapixel count amplifies any defect in technique and can result in many out of focus photographs -- particularly when the camera is handheld. This issue cannot be overstated. This camera has a specific use; it is probably not a good choice for handheld general photography. I know others have stated differently that they can consistently obtain sharp photos handheld, but, frankly, I do not believe them. Too many experts (i.e., Mr. Bjorn Rorslett, et al.) have discussed the generally poor, out of focus results, when trying to handhold this camera during general photography sessions.

This is a myth and is plain wrong. The D800 does not take take out of focus pictures due to high resolution. By that logic, the sharpest photographs would be from cameras like the D1.

The D800 is absolutely fine for hand held photography. Having a high resolution camera does not cause camera shake and it certainly doesn't cause camera shake.

Shots from a D800 won't be any worse than from any other camera. The only difference is that the extra detail means that you can enlarge it to much higher levels and therefore any issues can be seen more clearly. At any given size of reproduction, the D800 files will not be worse.

Absolutely wrong, wrong, wrong. When many of the well known photography experts point out the difficulty of obtaining sharp handheld photos with the D800/E, the myth becomes your comment above. There will be no retraction from me on this issue.

The experts all agree that if you want to take advantage of the high resolution of the D800, then obviously you have to work harder at it, but to suggest that the higher resolution causes a lot more photographs to be "out of focus" is complete nonsense.

For any given size of reproduction, particularly the kind of size that a wedding photographer is likely to produce, there is no difference. Produce a 16x12 or a 20x30 print from a D800 and you will not see any softer results than you would from a D700.

Do you honestly believe that it is more difficult to obtain sharp in-focus results from a 12mp D700 than it is from a 4mp D2H?

People who believe this are the people who compare images at 100% and wonder why they aren't as sharp.

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