D 800E Wedding Photographers please comment

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Re: D 800E Wedding Photographers please comment

keyshore wrote:


I shoot interiors and weddings using the D 700, I am now thinking of upgrading to the D 800 E, Wedding photographers do you encounter a lot of moire in a typical wedding situation? I am also reading some user reviews of the D 800 who report a left focusing problems.

Has this issue been sorted out in the D 800E? and is this a good choice for me over the D 800?

Please comment.



I went straight to the non-E's afraid that the E would show too much moire in lace etc. The D800 gives ample  sharpness and resolution (too much for  for most brides if you know what I mean) so I can't imagine ever needing the D800E.  I talked to a friend who uses an E and says moire is hardly ever an issue but he doesn't do weddings.  As for the left focus error, it seems to be present in some bodies to different degrees but Nikon has a fix. I had this problem with one body and had to work around it till I had a chance to send it in.

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