X-S1 giving my DSLR a run for the money

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Re: X-S1 giving my DSLR a run for the money

coaltrain wrote:

I've been waiting for the opportunity to compare the two rigs - the $600 Bridge camera vs. the $2200 DSLR setup. I must say that I am quite impressed with the Fuji - I think it gave the DSLR a run for its money with these shots.

The Fuji gave a good account of itself here. But in fairness, it would not take a $2200 DSLR setup to equal or beat it. A Canon or Nikon dslr with the kit 55-250 could be had for 1/3 that price and in low light or other more difficult conditions it would quickly show why people buy dslr's.

I used to think that a dslr was simply out of my budget because I bought into the idea that I would need to spend thousands on lenses etc. but really it's been a more economical path than buying a new bridge camera every year.

But I am certainly glad you're happy with your XS1 and there's no denying it's the premier bridge camera on the market.

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