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Swamp Duck wrote:

[...] I have started wondering at what point does the m4/3 format stop being appealing in terms of size and cost vs a DSLR? I was under the assumption that the camera/format was intended for the above P&S, but below all out DSLR users.

I don't think that's really accurate. micro-four-thirds isn't about being "below" DSLRs. It's about making a smaller interchangeable-lens camera/lens system than DSLRs can be (due to the no mirror/prism, and therefore reduced flange-back distance and therefore also smaller/lighter lenses).

In that space, there is room for everything from small-and-simple camera aimed at P&S upgraders, to the DSLR-like (OM-D EM-5), to the aimed-at-videographers GH3. As the higher-end lenses (like Panasonic's newer f/2.8 zooms) come out, I expect to see more high-end cameras announced, but that doesn't mean the smaller and less-expensive ones go away.

Reading the review of the Panasonic GH3 stirred up these questions. The body plus lens is as big a small DSLR!

So, the largest micro-four-thirds camera in existence is about as big as the small DSLRs -- sounds like the system is working just as it's supposed to :).


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