Switching from PC to Mac.. anything you wish you knew?

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Re: Switching from PC to Mac.. anything you wish you knew?

danijel973 wrote:

The retinabooks (and 13" Air to a lesser extent) are the ideal photographer's laptops, at least IMO. Also, OS X works great on laptops; it is designed for specific hardware and there are no stupid glitches with suspend, wakeup etc. For a desktop machine, things are less clear because Win7 is very reliable and easy to live with as a desktop OS, so I don't see many reasons to get a desktop Mac instead of a good and much cheaper Win7 machine.

The keyboard is somewhat different and you'll have to get used to that; the keyboard shortcuts are different than under windows. On a laptop you won't get home, end, pgup, pgdn, ins and del keys, but those functions are acheived with alt and cmd combined with cursor keys, and del is fn+bkspc. Except for the keyboard, I don't think you'll find the system all that different from windows, especially if you use Adobe software, which works the same.

As I often rely on my laptop when shooting on location, I feel that the ability to have two internal drives for 24/7 Time Machine and backup is a great advantage. No need to maintain and carry a portable drive with OS clone, data backups, etc. That's why I got a non-Retina MBP and replaced the optical drive with an SSD. My OS, apps, and (referenced) Aperture libraries are on the SSD, and the original HD is partitioned to hold an OS clone, a Time Machine volume, and a data volume to backup all my libraries and the photos I shoot on location. This way, if the SSD goes wonky, I can simply reboot from the HD and keep working.

Gotta have backup, especially on location.

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