How do you turn off Windows 8 auto-rotation of thumbnail view?

Started Nov 8, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: How do you turn off Windows 8 auto-rotation of thumbnail view?

Sorry I misunderstood your question. Are you talking auto rotation as in this video? I would think you'd want the thumbnails to rotate.

TangoMan wrote:

Well, thanks for trying a guess, but the truth is I use ACDSee, not the MS viewer, and the problem is that once ACDSee has rotated the full picture, Windows 8 insist to show it to me re-rotated. It doesn't rotate it, it just rotates the view that I get of it. So when my portrait pictures are straightened up by ACDSee, Windows don't care and just show them to me as if they were now meant to be seen in landscape mode. That's very annoying at all times, but especially when you try to select, from the thumbnail view, a picture to upload.

The first thing I do when I offload my pictures to the computer is have the software losslessly autorotate them. So, I don't want my properly oriented pictures to be shown to me sideways.

CAcreeks wrote:

I would install Irfanview and stop using Microsoft image-viewing software.

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