Decisions Decisions: Which DSLR?

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Re: Decisions Decisions: Which DSLR?

toomanycanons wrote:

D5100. Don't overthink this. Just get one with a 18-105 VR, shoot with it for a year then you'll have a knowledge basis for either "upgrading" or realizing how great a camera the D5100 is.

Exactly. The D5100 has essentially the same image quality as the D7000 and really all the features that a beginner to intermediate photographer needs. The D7000 has a lot of useability and controllability features that are of importance to the advanced amateur, particularly if you are into full manual control, rapid moving subject tracking, a brighter, larger viewfinder, field-tweaking of AF performance, and the ability to use legacy f-mount lenses. You will gain a stop of quality high ISO over the D90 and 2 stops over the D80, which is important for shooting at blur-stopping shutter speeds in moderate to low light with the slow 18-105 (a fast prime cures this, but at the expense of depth-of-field).

As far as pixel count is concerned, Laquila is basically right that, properly framed, 12mp is enough; 16mp or 24mp offers greater cropping ability and when downrezzed no worse noise performance.  There's a bigger difference in image characteristics from the D80 to the D90 than there is from the D90 to the D7000/D5100; the D80 was a CCD sensor, all subsequent models were CMOS. And Nikon changed the default rendering settings at that time as well.  But since you can't get a change in sensor technology without an increase in resolution these days, it's a moot point.

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