SIGN PETITION Nikon d600 dust on sensor

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Re: Pointless and unproven: from both sides ?

lock wrote:

Given the fact that so many brands seem to have an issue with dust and oil, a real issue may easily be hidden in this 'mess'.

But let us just accept that this is a common issue. And with that I specifically mean 'oil'. Do you think Nikon should inform us about oil spots, e.g. in the manual, that his is a common issue ?

I'm asking this because their official policy is based on the opposite opinion. They clearly explain this in the manual by warning us not to clean the AA filter on the sensor if the dust or anything else does not come off after trying to blow it off. Only Nikon certified personal are allowed to clean that type of dirt. They actually state "Under no circumstances should you touch or wipe the filter".

This means Nikon does not consider sticky oil splashes as a common issue at all. The coinsider it an issue thay should handle. And indeed, they will lean it for free under warranty. Actually, the way Nikon stated it in the manual means they could use traces of self cleaning on the filter to drop your warranty claim if you ask them to repair it.


I think anyone who knows how to effectively clean a sensor will think this issue is pointless. Just like complaining to the car dealer about a dirty windshield that has been mentioned so many times. The only way Nikon would void your warranty is if you damage your sensor (not very easy to do).  Every dSLR owner should know how to clean their sensors.

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