Switching from PC to Mac.. anything you wish you knew?

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Apple Care!

I, too switched from a PC to an iMac four years ago. By all means do get Apple Care.  My iMac is about four years old and although AC has now expired, it covered three major repairs out of warranty.  My family's experience with Macs is that they are not as bullet proof as some have claimed.  Of three Apple computers in my extended family in the past five years, all three have needed major repairs. One laptop had to be completely replaced since it was so far gone that Apple decided it would be easier to replace it than repair it. Two iMacs needed new hard drives, one needed a new logic board. That iMac still periodically goes completely blank for no reason.  I'll be working on it and get a grey screen. No warning, it just freezes up and I need to force a restart to get it to work again.  There are no error messages and nothing in the diagnostics that allowed Apple technicians to replicate the problem or to figure out what goes wrong.  So get Apple Care and at least buy yourself some peace of mind.

Having said that, when this machine finally fails, I am undecided whether to stick with Apple or go back to PC.  My hard drives are configured for Mac, so I may stay with Apple, but my disappointment with Apple's inability to fix my computer while it was under the extended warranty, and the several hardware failures, would make me think twice about it.

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