Decisions Decisions: Which DSLR?

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laquila65 wrote:

pixd90 wrote:

Is the image quality that much better with the newer sensor than the D90? Or should I shell out a couple more hundred bucks for the D7000 for the motor and sturdier construction.

I think these are the two key questions to solving your dilemma.

1. Picture quality. It all depends on how you define "picture quality". Most people today are absolutely certain that picture quality has everything to do with the noise level at high ISO settings and megapixel count. The lower the noise and the higher the megapixel count, the better the picture quality by definition. I cannot disagree more, but I'm in the minority. To me, "picture quality" is when you look at the picture and you like how it looks. As simple as that. Has nothing to do with anything else. So, by the popular definition the D7000 is better than the D90. In my opinion, the D90 is better (and the D80 is even better than both of the above).

Glad that I'm not the only one that has this strong opinion. After using dslr's for a decade the D90 and D80 were the best for me. The D7k is nowhere near as nice. And I mean the same by nice as you did above. A certain kind of 3D effect on pictures you can not get with most of the other systems. Only the 20D canon came close.

Now for me the nex 5N and nex 6 (shortly) are almost getting there, but still the D90 rocks!

regards P

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