What's with the sudden weather-sealing craze ?

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Re: What's with the sudden weather-sealing craze ?

For those of you in this thread that see WS as "insurance", I have 2 observations:

1. My GH2's and non WS lenses have been wet on more than one occasion. Not held under the water for 5 minutes wet, but wet on the exterior from rain and also from me falling on a stream crossing. They still work just fine.

2. If insurance is what you are after, buy insurance. It is less $ than WS. I pay $25 per year for no fault, all risk, blanket coverage of $2,500 on non scheduled camera equipment as a rider on my homeowner's insurance. If I drop a camera in the 100' of water (or whatever), I get the replacement cost up to $2,500.

The down side is I have to pay the premium every year, so at some point WS would be less $. But I would get nothing if I dropped my WS camera and lens in the ocean, so I keep paying the premium each year.

FWIW, I mostly shoot outdoors in more extreme conditions than the average photographer so the loss of a whole camera and lens in water or dropped off a cliff is not an unreasonable expectation.

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