Canon G15 Beats Sony RX100 in Picture Quality

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Re: Need Better IQ on High ISO Re: Hello Dimitri,,,

Dimitri Khoz wrote:

utomo99 wrote:

I think Canon need to improve the High ISO IQ.

On Low ISO the image is good enough, but on ISO 3200 many people say not good enough.

I hope canon try to fix this

Do you mean G15 or G1X?

G15 is completely usable up to ISO800-1600. 1/1.7' sensor will not perform well at ISO3200. It is a law of physics. This is why it is equipped with the super-bright lens to compensate for it.

G1X is completely usable up to ISO4000-8000. There is no need for High ISO IQ improvements.

G15 it's a probably a fine raw shooter I just checkout some images and water color effects at ISO800 see for yourself. The law of my eyes says it sucks jump off the Canon jock already. This is why they are able to to tweak a camera and sell it because people like you refuse to call them out. But lots of folks are catching on and have put Canon P&S on hold until they get back in the game.

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