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Re: DR - 5 EV or 12 EV

apaflo wrote:

jrtrent wrote:

Remember that at DxOMark, "All sensor scores reflect only the RAW sensor performance of a camera body. All measurements are performed on the RAW image file BEFORE demosaicing or other processing prior to final image delivery."

That is to say, it is a relatively valid measurement.

Perfectly valid, but not very helpful if what I want to know is how much dynamic range the camera provides for out-of-camera pictures.  DPReview's test also included the use of Active D-Lighting, which extended highlight dynamic range even more (to over 4 EV) while lifting shadows for a more open, natural look.

"Here we compare two shots taken with Active D-Lighting turned off and to Extra High.  With D-Lighting turned to its highest setting, it does a better job of retaining highlights by underexposing slightly, then pulling the rest of the image brightness up, while retaining correct color and contrast."

DPReview's rating of 8.3 EV dynamic range at ISO 200 (3.9 EV in the highlight range) is probably a more practical number to go by.

Which is a measurement taken from a JPEG image, and is virtually useless in practice.

How is it useless in practice, especially for those of us shooting JPEG?  I've seen nothing in the OP's posting history to indicate he is not shooting JPEG.

No two dynamic range measurements from different sources are comparable. You can compare different DxOMark measurements, or compare different DPRreview measurements, and a couple from somewhere else. But not between the sources.

Good point about not comparing numbers across different sites; each has its own test/measurement standards.

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