Could always use higher ISO!

Started Nov 9, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP chrswggl Senior Member • Posts: 1,850
Re: Could always use higher ISO!

terribird wrote:

Thanks. I am thinking about buying the D600 to replace my D300. I do not fee comfortable using the D300 above 800-1000 ISO.

Other than better ISO performance what are the benefits of the D600 compared to the D300?

The files have a much smoother gradation from shadows to highlights due to the better DR, I suppose. You can push and pull a lot more in post. I also really like the U1 and U2 modes as well as the Easy ISO setting. It's just a much more intuitive camera to use. I haven't noticed any problem with autofocus, it seems just as fast if not faster, and I usually focus and recompose anyway.

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