Dreaded RX100 sensor dust

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Re: Dreaded RX100 sensor dust - avoid blowers

These compact cameras while zooming in and out and creates a sucking effect that brings in outside air with dust through the gaps of the elements of the lens . Also lint and dust that the lens barrel collects during normal operation enters the body when the camera is turned off. Always check the lens barrel for dust or lint and blow then away before turning off the camera.
The dust can be easily removed with a vacuum cleaner, just make an adapter with a plastic bottle and while the vacuum cleaner is sucking the air, turn the camera on and zoom in and out several times .
The adaptor can be made with a small plastic water bottle, cut both sides, one end will receive the vacuum hose and the other end the lens of the camera, the size must allow the lens to fully extend. If your vacuum cleaner is very strong , set it to low power or cut  some holes in the adaptor . Did this procedure sometimes and it works like magic even for sensor dust.

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