Panasonic 45-150mm arrived today

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Re: Panasonic 45-150mm arrived today

One thing I forgot to mention - the construction of this lens is quite different from the other Panasonic lenses I have.  The 14-42 (non-X) zoom and 14mm pancacke are made from a not-very-hard mottled grey-champagne-purple plastic (sorry for the lousy colour description, I've never really been able to tell what this colour is).  The PanaLeica 25mm is a harder matte black plastic.

The 45-150's lens barrel is of a glossy black material which I first thought was some lightweight alloy when I took it out of the box, because it felt cold, like metal, but on further examination I don't think it is.  Polycarbonate, maybe.  If it is, it should be much more resistent than the softer plastic to casual scratching and scuffing from normal use.

It seems very well constructed, in any case.


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