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DuncanDovovan wrote:

Dennis wrote:

It's a really weird picture. The curved shadows fight with the straight lines, the dark colors high up recede while the bright lower floor advances, and as someone else said, the balance feels off. It reminds me of an Escher in the way that the downstairs doesn't seem any lower than the upstairs. All in all, I find it disconcerting, not satifying, but at least interesting, which is after all the purpose of a photo (to be interesting to look at). I don't think color does anything for the composition - it might be interesting to try b&w for that reason.

- Dennis

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I think that is what is appealing: You don't get the situation immediately. You have to pause and think for a while. Is this inside or outside? What is that maze on the ground? Where was the photographer?

Apart from that it is following some generic rules like contrast in tones, contrast in subjects (moving vs static), contrast in color (white vs green), contrast in situation (outside vs inside).

Finally the rule of thirds amplifies this by having a busy intersection on the top left and a deserted intersection in the lower right.

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I'm a peaceful person looking for clarity and harmony and willing to help. If you believe my post had the intention to harm you in some way, you are probably wrong. =;-) Please verify first before assuming something bad happened to you. I can be a bit too brief at times. =;-)

Thanks, Duncan Donovan, for your decomposition. This is the kind of thing I'm trying to learn; contrasts beyond color, what makes the viewer think and the non-trivial observation of rule-of-thirds is particularly instructive to me (I say "observation" because its application wasn't conscious; I literally walked by the window, looked out, quickly walked back, snapped, and ran after the wife).

Your breakdown is a very information-rich post for me, thank you.

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