Looking to go longer than 200mm for under $1000

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Re: Looking to go longer than 200mm for under $1000

elihusmails wrote:

What are my options? I want to shoot wildlife, but the longest lens I have is a 70-200 VRII. I have a D300. I have been looking at the used 80-400, but thought I'd come here for opinions.

I need to stay under $1000, so what other options do I have?



You have the 70 200VRII? I would think adding a Nikon TC, either of the three available would

get you where you want to be, that is with your D300?

I use my D200 and a non afs 300 f4, and some times a Kenko 1.4 TC, now with the TC focus speed is "dead" slow, and I would say not for flying birds.

A used 300 f4 is very easy to pick up used for under $ 500.00, US, all the time, the AFS, versions are quite a bit more but faster focus.

Look around the e-bay sites and used camera sites and things like a Tokina 100 300 f4,  a Sigma 400 5.6, someone who posts here at times spoke highly of a little known Sigma 500 7.2, I'm sure if you spend time looking around here, you will find a great combination to fit your D300,and your budget .

I too am looking at a better system than my current set up, and If I look and convince myself I really want to go "deeper" into flying bird photography, I'm looking at a canon set up of either a 7D, or 50D and either a 400 5.6, or Canons 100 400 IS lens but thats a lot more than your $1000.00 bottom line.

Good luck, many options await you.


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