Catherine Photo Shoot (thanks for all the C&C the last one!)

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Re: Catherine Photo Shoot (thanks for all the C&C the last one!)

#1: Processing looks awful to me. I REALLY dont like it, but thats a personal opinion. The hair/separation light is too bright, blowing out a lot of her hair. Again, not my taste. The cropping is AWFUL! Dont crop off the arms like that. Crop them off a bit so we can still see it as a whole, or dont crop at all. I dont like how they leave the picture just above the elbow and come back in just just below.

#2: LOVE this one...EXCEPT the crop! You cant crop her at the boobs, its HORRIBLY unflattering.

#3: Again, I dont like the crop. Everything else looks great, but just clipping the top of the hair is a pet peeve of mine. I hate that. I think it would be better if we could see a little above her head and a little further down her neck. Open up the crop and its a great photo.

#4: Hate, hate, HATE those odd, slightly high angle shots. Its not flattering at all and makes he look distorted. She appears to be leaning towards the camera. It would look great if you were shooting at her chest level.

All in all decent job, just watch the cropping. It can KILL a great photo.

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